Dr Mugarura Robert

Dr Mugarura Robert

Head of department- Surgery


The ever increasing population in the Kigezi region has resulted into an increased unmet need for surgery. This is made worse by limited facilities especially in the area of surgical skills in the Kigezi region. Though surgical illnesses do not result into the death of the patient, they carry significant morbidity. This results into significant suffering, disability, stigma, reduced productivity and impoverishment.

The surgery department’s main objective is to narrow the gap of unmet need for surgery in the Kigezi regional through provision of a wide spectrum of specialized and general surgical interventions; curative, palliative and preventative.

All activities in the surgery department are carried out according to the best Patient Safety practices adapted from World Health Organisation, 5s and other relevant best evidence based practices.

These Patient Safety practices have improved surgery treatment outcomes and significantly reduced treatment related complications and suffering. The surgery department currently has the lowest patient waiting time and highest patient turn over.

The surgery department has also developed strong links with Kabale University school of Medicine (KABSOM). With this link in place we intend to establish a research collaboration and strong leadership development program. This will increase capacity of the surgery department through research, skills transfer, human capital and funding/ capital development.

The department of surgery of Kabale Regional Referral Hospital is comprised of the following sub departments; General surgery, Operating theatre, orthopedics, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, ophthalmology, Urology, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT), dental surgery, Accident and Emergency.





Our Vision Improve affordable health quality services curative and preventive at surgical ward.

Our Mission To provide specialized quality affordable and sustainable surgical services at kabala regional referral hospital.

Our Mandate Offering quality preventive, curative and rehabilitative services.


  1. Reducing the use of drug abuse in the community
  2. Offering specialized orthopaedic services
  3. Clean and calm environment
  4. Offer quality nursing and specialized care.

Key Outputs

  1. Continuous medical education ( CME)
  2. Regular meetings
  3. Requisition of sundries and drugs
  4. Health education.
  5. Routine vital observations.
  6. Effective waste management
  7. Routine pre and post operative care.
  8. Drug administration
  9. Performing nursing procedures like wound dressing, catheterization etc
  10. Performing and sustain 5S/KAIZEN activities.
  11. Coaching and mentorship of students
  12. Use of standard operational procedures (SOPs)
  13. Maintain ward cleanliness
  14. Documentation of patients admitted and procedures
  15. Collaboration with other units ie theatre, orthopedic, laboratory and others.

Best Practices

  1. Meetings
  2. Proper handover
  3. Organized store
  4. Routine ward round
  5. Drug requisition and ordering in time
  6. Teamwork
  7. Ward arrangementegzoning, patient files, bed arrangement etc.
  8. Patient education
  9. Patient gowns for pre and post operation care.





Our Vision Provide quality surgical services that safe, free of infection to all patients who come to operating theatre

Our Mission To provide quality and sustainable surgeries at theater in Kabale Regional Referral Hospital.

Our Mandate To provide quality and safe operations to the all patients sent to theater.


  1. Offer quality specialized and nursing care.
  2. Clean and sterile environment
  3. Reduction of nosocomial infections

Key Outputs

  1. Monthly departmental meeting
  2. Weekly Wit meeting
  3. CME
  4. Proper waste management
  5. Performing and sustaining5s /kaizen activities
  6. Team work
  7. Weekly general cleaning.
  8. Participating in surgical operations.





Vision: A center of excellence providing a high quality emergency health services for a healthy and productive population in Kabale and Kigezi region at large

Mission: To provide quality and sustainable causality and emergency health services to all people of greater kigezi.

Mandate: Provide quality and professional emergency services to patients basing on ministry of health guide lines.


  1. Provide quality and professional emergency services to patients basing on ministry of health guide lines.
  2. To provide preventive information to patients by giving health education.




About Us: We are a branch of medicine that deals with conservative orthopedic and trauma management.

Orthopedic is a branch of medicine that deals with disorders of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves and blood vessels, joints including the spine vertebra column.

Vision: We are the leading and most committed health team in innovation, conservative management, clinical care, research, surveillance, teaching and mentorship.

Mission: To provide the greater Kigezi region with high quality, compassionate and affordable musculo- skeletal care that is rooted in evidence based medicine. the results of which will exceed expectations.

Moto: life is motion.


  1. Innovation: we are committed to a supportive environment that encourages new ideas and creativity.
  2. Ethics and integrity: our values are demonstrated by our deeds
  3. Patients first: we are focused on each patient care, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially.
  4. We follow guidelines and respects humanity.
  5. Professionalism: dressing code, presenting self to the clients and respecting values of medics.
  6. Trust: patients believes in us due to good rapport.
  7. Community service: we recognize our social responsibilities and commitment to be active contributors to the community’s welfare.


  1. To provide quality and affordable orthopedic/trauma care
  2. To create awareness about preventable and non-preventable orthopedic conditions.
  3. To gain the better understanding of the role of other medical professionals in the treatment and management of the rehabilitation patients.
  4. To streamline the orthopedic conservative management team to execute their established duties by law.
  5. To explore conservative (that is to say non-surgical) treatment options for common musculo-skeletal disorders.
  6. To impart practical knowledge and skills in students attending hospital placement.

NB:The orthopedic team is built on, integrity, trust professionalism, patient first that makes them deliver quality and affordable services.

Orthopedic Society of Uganda.




Vision: To have improved quality of life to people with impaired body parts, disabled and handicapped in Kigezi region.

Mission: To provide quality physiotherapy healthcare services to all impaired, disabled and handicapped in Kigezi region.

Mandate: To carry out quality physiotherapy services for restoration of function to impaired, disabled, and handicapped people in Kigezi region through promotive, preventive, curative, palliative and rehabilitative services.


  1. Prevention of physical disabilities which result from disease, injuries and congenital abnormality.
  2. Restore function to people with disabilities.
  3. Enable people with disabilities access appropriate appliances and be trained how to use them

Key Outputs

  1. Function of impaired body parts restored.
  2. Mobility of disabled improved.
  3. Appropriate appliances prescribed and patient trained how to use them.
  4. Patients examined, assessed, and referred for appropriate services eg. Corrective surgery, schools etc.

Best Practices

  1. Teamwork among physiotherapists in the physiotherapy department and other Hospital staff in general.
  2. Creation of special clinic for children with cerebral palsy done on every Friday of the week
  3. Identify gaps, carry out corrective and preventive measures through continuous Quality Improvement projects.
  4. Organisation of the department through 5S implementation.

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Buhitsya Justus

Buhitsya Justus (Senior Occupational Therapist)

In-charge of Occupational therapy Department T


Vision: Every person having the opportunity and the right to achieve his/her fullest potential to participate and contribute to all aspects of life despite the disability, impairment or handicap.

Mission: To provide excellent occupational therapy services in the south western region of Uganda for habilitation, rehabilitation, and promotion of health and wellness for clients with mental and or physical disability.

Mandate: To enable patients and or clients who have acquired mental and or physical disabilities to function independently in all activities of daily living within their environments (e.g., home, work, school, community) i.e. Occupational therapy addresses the physical, psychological, and cognitive aspects of the patient/client’s well-being through engagement in occupations that promote recovery from impairments, disabilities, handicaps for independent living and self-reliance.


  1. Prevention of physical disabilities which result from disease, injuries and congenital abnormality.
  2. Restore function to people with disabilities.
  3. Enable people with disabilities access appropriate appliances and be trained how to use them

Goals of Occupational Therapy

  1. To enable people with mental and physical disabilities to participate in the activities of everyday life
  2. To prevent disability through health education and counseling.
  3. To promote independent performance of activities of daily living among patients and clients with mental or physical disabilities.

Occupational therapists achieve this outcome by working with people and communities to enhance their ability to engage in the occupations they want to, need to, or are expected to do, or by modifying the occupation or the environment to better support their occupational engagement (WFOT 2012).

Core Values

The four core values of dignity, service, excellence, justice and respect through accountability and integrity) are the guiding principles for all we do. Each of us is committed to these values and works to make them present in our relationship with each other and with those whom we are privileged to share and serve.

  1. Dignity: Each person is a valuable member of the human community and a unique expression of God’s image in this life
  2. Service: Every interaction is a unique opportunity to help clarify patient/client’s health needs and ensuring appropriate individualized medical intervention.
  3. Excellence: Always achieved through professional development, accountability, creativity, innovation, teamwork and commitment to quality.
  4. Justice: We advocate for systems and structures attuned to the needs patient/clients with disabilities.
  5. Respect: We acknowledge that each human being is created in the image of God and deserves full respect and equal treatment despite his/her color, sex, age and or any other background.

Key Outputs

  1. Trained persons with disabilities in special occupations of daily living
  2. Persons with disabilities counseled.
  3. Community outreach/home visits for persons with disabilities carried out.
  4. Occupational therapists in the lower health care facilities in the region supervised.
  5. Research activities in the area of disability carried out in the south western region.

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