Our Vision To improve the quality of maternal and neonatal out come through provision of comprehensive prenatal and postnatal care and involvement of male counterparts in promoting maternal and child health.

Our Mission To equitably and qualitatively provide sustainable maternal and child health care services to women and children of Kigezi region in order to reduce burden on their families (male counterparts).

Our Mandate Provide quality prenatal care package(provision of folic supplements, HIV testing, malaria prevention, assessments for diabetes and pregnancy related hypertensions and other perinatal services)and postnatal care which is cost effective way of reducing mortality and morbidity both during pregnancy and child birth for both the mother and the child.


  1. To provide quality maternal and child health care during pregnancy, child birth and postpartum more so access reproductive health programs.
  2. To promote maternal and child health.
  3. To promote involvement of male counterpart in maternal /child health and reproductive health.
  4. Toreduce maternal and neonatal mortality/morbidity during pregnancy, child birth and postnatally.

Key Outputs

  1. NUMBER of immunization conducted at static out reaches.
  2. Reports compiled and submitted
  3. Family support groups conducted
  4. Requisitions submitted
  5. Support supervision conducted
  6. Immunization out reaches conducted
  7. Health education talks conducted
  8. ANC, FP, PNC, YCC, LAB AND EID services provided.
  9. Number clients accessing quality services improved.

Best Practices

  1. Running continuous quality improvement projects.

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