Our Vision Improve affordable health quality services curative and preventive at surgical ward.

Our Mission To provide specialized quality affordable and sustainable surgical services at kabala regional referral hospital.

Our Mandate Offering quality preventive, curative and rehabilitative services.


  1. Reducing the use of drug abuse in the community
  2. Offering specialized orthopaedic services
  3. Clean and calm environment
  4. Offer quality nursing and specialized care.

Best Practices

  1. Meetings
  2. Proper handover
  3. Organized store
  4. Routine ward round
  5. Drug requisition and ordering in time
  6. Teamwork
  7. Ward arrangementegzoning, patient files, bed arrangement etc.
  8. Patient education
  9. Patient gowns for pre and post operation care.

Key Outputs

  1. Continuous medical education ( CME)
  2. Regular meetings
  3. Requisition of sundries and drugs
  4. Health education.
  5. Routine vital observations.
  6. Effective waste management
  7. Routine pre and post operative care.
  8. Drug administration
  9. Performing nursing procedures like wound dressing, catheterization etc
  10. Performing and sustain 5S/KAIZEN activities.
  11. Coaching and mentorship of students
  12. Use of standard operational procedures (SOPs)
  13. Maintain ward cleanliness
  14. Documentation of patients admitted and procedures
  15. Collaboration with other units i.e. theatre, orthopedic, laboratory and others.

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