Department of Medicine

Our Vision: A center of excellence providing quality general and specialized medical services to the adolescent and adult population of Kigezi region

Our Mission: To provide quality, accessible, comprehensive and sustainable general and specialised medical services to the people of Kigezi region

Our Values: Respect, Empathy, Integrity, Accountability, Confidentiality, Ethics, Team work and Efficiency.

Strategic objectives

  1. To provide general and specialized integrated inpatient and outpatient medical services
  2. To carry out operational research to inform planning, resource mobilization and areas for quality improvement
  3. To carry out health promotion programs to prevent diseases
  4. To provide mentorship and supervision to health workers during pre-service and in-service training
  5. To carry out supportive supervision for enhanced medical services in lower level health facilities in the region
  6. To collaboration with other stakeholders including training institutions, service organizations and research collaborations to provide quality medical services
  7. To refer patients who require super- specialized services to other tertiary healthcare institutions


  1. Daily general medical outpatient clinics
  2. Specialist outpatient clinics for communicable and non communicable diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular and liver diseases scheduled for every Wednesday and Friday respectively .
  3. Daily general and specialized Inpatient services
  4. Monthly multidrug resistant tuberculosis clinic to review patient receiving directly observed treatment at various health facilities across the Kigezi region
  5. A HIV clinic that provides daily outpatient services

Units under Department of Medicine

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