Our Team We're all about teamwork.

Principal Human Resource Officer

Mr Kalema Richard

Principal Human Resource Officer
Human Resource Officer

Mr Benjamin

Human Resource Officer

Mr Kansiimeruhanga Innocent

Principal Nursing Officer

Sr Lamunu Florence

Principal Nursing Officer
Procurement officer

Mr Robert Musinguzi

Procurement officer
Medical Records Officer


Medical Records Officer

Finance and administration

Principal Hospital Administrator

Ms Mulongo Sarah

Principal Hospital Administrator

Our Mandate

To provide comprehensive support services, manage financial resources and physical infrastructure, participate in planning and research and contribute to policy for the health sector.

Key Outputs

  1. Provide integrated general administration services to the hospital that include planning.
  2. Manage general and medical records systems.
  3. Establish and maintain systems for human resource management including welfare, training and enforcing staff discipline.
  4. Implementing financial and accounting regulations.
  5. Managing procurement and disposal chain and ensuring value for money throughout the process.
  6. Managing the hospital transport system
  7. Maintaining buildings, plants, equipment and machinery and training users of equipment to support the provision of quality health services.
  8. Manage hospital Utilities
  9. Provide laundry services
  10. Provide catering services
  11. Ensure security of hospital infrastructure and its other properties

This Department is made up of Human Resource Section, Administration Section,  Finance  & Accounts Section & Medical Records Section


An institutionally steady department that continuously provides comprehensive support services to Kabale Regional Referral 

Our Mission 

To provide responsive and comprehensive support services to Kabale Regional Referral hospital leading to high quality health services in Kigezi Region.


  1. To efficiently and effectively manage resources
  2. To create and maintain a work environment that promotes high quality patient care
  3. To provide general administrative services to the hospital that will help to achieve financial and clinical goals
  4. To improve effectiveness and efficiency of hospital services


Our mission is guided by key values that include

  • Responsibility; we act in honesty, forthright, fiscally responsible ways and accept personal accountability for the work we do
  • Service excellence; We are committed to our standards of service excellence and dedicated to exceeding the expectations of those we serve
  • People; We respect each person as a member of the hospital community. Involvement and teamwork determine our future
  • Communication; We promote open communication that fosters partnerships, and enhances timely, effective and appropriate responses
  • Quality;We consistently endeavor to provide quality support services
  • Integrity; We communicate honesty and openly, build trust and conduct ourselves according to the highest ethical standards
  • Team work; Systematic and effective team work, built on the collective strength and cultural diversity