Our Vision To be a centre of excellence in providing high standard Laboratory services in South-Western Region while observing and maintaining an effective Quality Management System in line with International Standards ( ISO 15189)

Our Mission To provide general and specialised quality, cost effective and sustainable Healthcare Laboratory Services, Conduct training and research in line with national and international requirements.

Our Mandate Contribute to preventive and curative healthcare services. Carry out diagnostic services, manage laboratory data, train and carry out relevant research.


  1. Establish and maintain performance improvement standards that will ensure quality laboratory services.
  2. Establish mechanisms for monitoring and sustaining quality laboratory services through planned and periodic participation in External and Internal Quality Assurance
  3. Establish and maintain biosafety and biosecurity principles and practices that will ensure safety and security of Laboratory clients, personnel and environment.

Key Outputs

  1. Carry out diagnostic tests
  2. Provide technical support supervision to lower health facilities
  3. Participate in emergency response
  4. Training and Education.

Principles and Values

  1. High quality laboratory services that are dependable, credible, accurate and timely.
  2. Universal Laboratory services which are efficient, reliable, accessible and affordable.
  3. Confidentiality, integrity, honesty and respect.

Units under Laboratory department.

  1. Clinical chemistry/chemical pathology.
  2. Microbiology
  3. Hematology
  4. Blood transfusion
  5. Immunology
  6. Routine miscellaneous laboratory tests.
  7. Private wing
  8. OPD Laboratory
  9. MCH Laboratory
  10. ART Clinic Laboratory.