Dr. Mugarura Robert

Head of department- Surgery

The ever increasing population in the Kigezi region has resulted into an increased unmet need for surgery. This is made worse by limited facilities especially in the area of surgical skills in the Kigezi region. Though surgical illnesses do not result into the death of the patient, they carry significant morbidity. This results into significant suffering, disability, stigma, reduced productivity and impoverishment.

The surgery department’s main objective is to narrow the gap of unmet need for surgery in the Kigezi regional through provision of a wide spectrum of specialized and general surgical interventions; curative, palliative and preventative.

All activities in the surgery department are carried out according to the best Patient Safety practices adapted from World Health Organisation, 5s and other relevant best evidence based practices.

These Patient Safety practices have improved surgery treatment outcomes and significantly reduced treatment related complications and suffering. The surgery department currently has the lowest patient waiting time and highest patient turn over.

The surgery department has also developed strong links with Kabale University school of Medicine (KABSOM). With this link in place we intend to establish a research collaboration and strong leadership development program. This will increase capacity of the surgery department through research, skills transfer, human capital and funding/ capital development.

The department of surgery of Kabale Regional Referral Hospital is comprised of the following sub departments; General surgery, Operating theatre, orthopedics, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, ophthalmology, Urology, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT), dental surgery, Accident and Emergency.

Units under Surgery Department

Surgical Ward

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